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Why and How to Support the European Citizens’ Initiative


Why support?

This initiative promotes the issue of ownership of weapons by the EU citizens in a manner that is opposite to the current trend of the EU authorities.

It gives the possibility to reverse the current activities aimed at restricting ownership of weapons at the level of the EU.

Thanks to the ECI, pressure would start to be exerted on the individual governments of the EU member states.

This gives a chance to achieve an overall change in the paradigm of ownership of weapons and private defence because security cannot be delegated to the government forces effectively and completely.

Furthermore, there is a possibility to get discounts on the goods and services of our partners in our online shop and a discount on purchase of goods in the amount of 100 EUR for those who contribute to the initiative in crowdfunding.

How to support?

  • Financial donation
  • Offer of cooperation


Why support?

This initiative is expected to increase sales to the private sector tenfold, as a result of which the private sector would become the primary market in the EU.

The initiative is a significant marketing channel.

Companies in the industry are presented with a unique opportunity to find out how it is possible to radically change the attitude of the general public.

This experience can also be used on other markets. However, one must also not forget about the relevant information from the market surveys carried out by our institute.

How to support?

  • Contribution from a partner
  • Discount on purchase of goods in the amount of 100 EUR for crowdfunding
  • Sale of your goods or services through our online shop