European Citizens’ Initiative

Since the dawn of the ages, a person was accustomed to the fact that if anyone attacks them, they have the absolute right to defend themselves.

The right to defend themselves, their family, their friends and their property – that is natural! Am I right?

Don’t you get the impression that the present world is somewhat bizarre and unfair?

Do you know that your life has the highest value? Do you know that your property belongs only to you? The things I write here are true, right…?

But try to defend yourselves today when a thief burgles your house and you and your small children are woken from your sleep to the horror of this unexpected visit! Do you think that the police will help you at that moment? And that a courageous lawman will appear at exactly the same moment and will save you and your entire family and will neutralise the intruder…? Or when you are going home at a late hour and a vagabond decides he does not like your face or that he, conversely, likes your handbag… What do you think? What or who could stop the assailant at that moment? The police? No, just you and your determination and ability to defend yourselves!!!

It is not the fault of the police; the police simply cannot assign a “bodyguard police officer” to every decent citizen at the moment when you need him. You see, the assailant is the criminal, not you, and this is why possessing, carrying and using a weapon for self-defence is normal!!!

And therefore we offer a solution – the European Citizens’ Initiative. This is an instrument that we can use to try to change the current state of affairs so that: Every decent and upstanding citizen of the EU will have the right to defend themselves and their property!

Every decent and upstanding citizen of the EU will have the right to be the real master of their home and no intruder will be allowed to enter their home without their permission!

Join our initiative and help yourselves, too!