Our ECI Project

The goal of our project is to increase awareness of the issue in order to create pressure on national governments as well as to make sure that there is a legally permitted access to weapons for self-defence as an entitlement (!) and that there is a legally permitted functional doctrine “my house – my castle” in the EU legislation.

The Libertarian Institute aims to support and promote the European Citizens’ Initiative, which calls for:

  1. establishment of a single minimum Union standard for self-sufficient defence of persons and property;
  2. a minimum standard for citizens’ access to weapons, and incorporation of a functional doctrine “my house – my castle” into the legislative frameworks of each EU country.

Our model is the legislation in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

On the level of the EU, the point is to apply the principle of subsidiarity* as accurately as possible in the field of protection of ownership; while on the level of an individual citizen, the point is to use marketing methods to promote the demand for the option of self-sufficient defence of persons and property.

* The principle of subsidiarity is a political principle, according to which decision-making and accountability for public matters is to take place and is to be implemented at the lowest level of the public administration, which is closest to citizens.

We would consider boosting this demand and increasing the awareness of these issues to be accomplishment of our mission to a large degree, regardless of the success of the ECI as a legislative initiative.